- Go through the gudie for installing and activating your Xfinity Gateway or third-party modem/router that's approved for Xfinity service. Xfinity or Xfinity Stream is a streaming service that offers live broadcast stations, DVR records, linear cable stations and on-demand videos. You are able to watch live TV stations from almost 200+ favorite networks. It's also possible to download on-demand videos for offline access.

How to activate your device from

  1. Open the perferred web browser and visit the official website of xfinity authorise
  2. Click on the url or
  3. A screen will appear - "Welcome to Xfinity!"
  4. You will find two option which are -
    • "Next Button and "Already have a code?"
    • Choose according to your preference
  5. Click on "Next" button
  6. Verify your Xfinity account to confirm one of the following details associated with your account
    • Enter Mobile number
    • Xfinity Username & Password
  7. Select - Enter Mobile number option
  8. A windoww will appear where you have to enter the captcha
  9. Enter the mobile number and now enter the code you have recevied on your mobile.
  10. Click on "Next" button
  11. Select - Xfinity Username & Password
    • Enter the detail asked username and password
  12. Now, By signing in, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  13. Click on "Next" button
  14. Now establish a Temporary Internet Connection
  15. Connect through WiFi (if your Gateway/modem supports a wireless connection)
    • Look for the Network Name (SSID) and Password printed on the side, back or bottom of your Gateway or modem. The name may look like Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX.
    • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled device and select the Network Name from the list of available networks. Enter the password when prompted. If you're prompted to enter a PIN instead of a password, click the Connect Using a Security Key link to enter the password in the Security Key field.
  16. Connect through an Ethernet cable
    • Plug the Ethernet cable into one of the open ports on your Gateway or modem until it clicks. Plug the other end into the Ethernet port of your computer. The Ethernet port will light up when successfully connected.
  17. Activate Your Gateway or Modem
    • Once you've established a temporary Internet connection and if don't automatically see a welcome message to begin setup, open a web browser and go to Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your Xfinity account and complete the activation process.
  18. Connect to Your Home Network - After activation, connect your devices to your WiFi name and password for your home network, if your Gateway or modem supports a wireless connection. If you replaced your Xfinity Gateway and kept the same settings during activation, your previously connected devices should automatically reconnect.
    • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled devices. Once you see your WiFi name appear in a list of available networks, you can connect your devices to your home network.
    • Select your home network WiFi name and connect with the password. If you changed this during activation, be sure to use the new one that you set up.

How to Xfinity activate my phone?

Your new phone has arrived. It's time to bring it to life on Xfinity Mobile!

Whether you're transferring a number from your previous carrier or getting a new number, we've made the activation process simple — and you can do it all online, using Xfinity Mobile My Account.

From "Devices," select the phone you'd like to activate. Then we'll walk you through each step the activation process.